juliemrozman - researcher on embodiment and lived experience

design - realized: implicit in the site name is a purposeful process of discernment and of looking, thinking, and doing, that brings one from notion to thoughtful fruition.

My research and creative program presently revolves around a particular class of phenomena: experiences of lightness, of calm, of ease, of respite. A contemplative sort of mental, physical, emotional space. I work with light, space, time, material; with architecture and the built environment; with art in many forms; by observation, by writing - these are a few media in which I have trained and practice and enjoy. Experience and critical theory have both established that homeostasis is not an option: rest is a necessity.

For some of the art-in-many-forms, click below and enjoy.

from An Inadequate Demonstration of Brownian Motion

I play, find, collect, ruminate, and curate. I concern myself with perception, space, place, and time. Sometimes I think my goal is to make something that is nothing.

untitled (twenty one hours)