observations | julie m rozman

i am still here: observing, reflecting, reporting back.

as my life's shifted, the nature of my output has, too: more toward observation and a little farther from ritual. i wanted to build a new site to honor that - and in the process have gotten a bit hamstrung by fundamental questions of boundaries and defining things. these questions are central to conceptual art - and to information architecture - so there should be little surprise. but here you are, reading this.


the observations are mostly in the form of photographs. there are some videos. i post a lot of my work on The Great Social Network for largely pragmatic reasons: it lets me keep momentum, and it lets me share my work with friends and acquaintances. still, i look forward to getting the site built up.


more on this overarching observations thing. i think often of On Kawara’s forms of announcing his existence - and i think of a passage from Walker Percy’s “Lost in the Cosmos,” i think of many things. i say “i am here.” the where is lost (sort of: GPS, after all) and i? well, back to those fundamentals. looking and thinking.